Zachary W. Light

I am a graduate of UC Berkeley (Bachelor of Arts in English) and Lewis and Clark Law School (Juris Doctorate).  I have practiced civil and criminal law throughout Oregon for over a decade and have a reputation for excellence with judges, other attorneys, but most importantly former and current clients.   I am a lawyer because I want to help people.  I am a litigator because I love to go to trial. Please read more about how I can help you with your legal matter below.

Practice Areas

Attorney Zachary Light’s practice areas include criminal defense, personal injury cases with vehicular accidents, family law and litigation.  As a seasoned litigator, he uses his strong oral skills to present a strong case before the judge and jury on behalf of his clients.  Each case is meticulously prepped for trial. As a criminal defense attorney, his goal is to develop a strong legal strategy for the best outcome.  Attorney Zachary Light has successfully represented clients charged with misdemeanors and serious felonies.  In personal injury cases, his goal is to ensure that clients are fairly compensated for their economic and non-economic damages.  He aggressively negotiates with insurance company reps for a fair settlement.  In family-law matters, he is dedicated to protecting the rights of the family.  Attorney Zachary Light is extensively experienced in grandparent rights, child welfare cases, child custody and adoption.

A Stellar Reputation and Client-Centric Approach

Among his clients, Zachary Light is valued for his practical application of the law, transparency and results.  Attorney Zachary Light gives each case the time it deserves and is always happy to answer any client questions.  If he’s unavailable and you leave a message, he returns the call in a timely fashion.  He treats his clients’ problems as his own.

The clients of Zachary W. Light, P.C get a practical legal solution, strong representation and an attorney who never quits.