Criminal Defense

A criminal charge that turns into a conviction often brings some serious consequences. Time in jail, loss of employment and hefty fines are just a few of the potential consequences. For the best outcome, it’s wise to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney like Zachary Light. Attorney Zachary Light protects his client’s rights during the entire criminal justice process and has a track record of successes. His successes include having criminal charges dismissed, reduction of charges through plea bargain, parole instead of a stint in prison and reduced sentencing. As a former prosecutor and public defender, he has tried cases in criminal courtrooms around the state and has successfully defended DUI, traffic violation, domestic violence, drug possession, measure 11 and murder crimes. Measure 11 covers violent crimes and serious sex offenses.

Criminal Defense Legal Strategies

From attorney Zachary Light’s perspective, you are innocent until proven guilty. His goal is to develop a strong criminal defense strategy for the best outcome. Attorney Zachary Light does a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the crime including talking with police, attaining witness statements and reviewing evidence, such as fingerprints, DNA and ballistic reports. He hires his own expert witnesses to refute the prosecution’s evidence. If the case does go to trial, he is meticulously prepared with exhibits and witnesses for the defense. At the same time, if the prosecutor’s evidence is strong, he’s upfront with his clients and may recommend a plea bargain. After thoroughly explaining the pros and cons of opting for a plea bargain, he aggressively negotiates with the prosecutor for the best deal. He uses his experience as a former prosecutor as leverage.

A Client-Centric Approach

Being charged with a criminal offense is very stressful, as the future is unknown. Attorney Zachary Light works closely with his clients to explain the charges and possible outcome, advise clients as their progresses and answer any questions or concerns. His client-centric approach helps the process run smoother. From arraignment and pre-trial to trial and post-trial, attorney Zachary provides legal and emotional counsel.

Juries are unpredictable. If the outcome is not favorable, he will file for an appeal to the appellate court. Attorney Zachary Light is experienced in the appellate process and knows how to present a strong legal argument of your case.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, turn to Zachary W. Light, P.C. for the best outcome.