Family Law

Family law is a category of law that encompasses a broad range of legal topics including children and marriage. It includes legal issues surrounding divorce, child custody, adoption, guardianship and domestic violence. The law firm of Zachary W. Light, P.C. has extensive experience in family law matters including divorce issues, adoptions, grandparent rights and DHS child welfare cases. Attorney Zachary Light is committed to acting in the best interests of his clients and their families.

Divorce and Child Custody

Not all divorces need to wind up in the courtroom. There are alternative resolution strategies. For example, mediation may be effective for couples to resolve child custody disputes. In addition, attorney Zachary Light helps clients file a petition for modifications in child custody, child visitation and child support. For example, if a parent moves or becomes disabled, it may be necessary to modify the original child custody arrangements. Child visitation or child custody orders can be modified before the child reaches legal age whenever the court feels that modification is necessary and in the best interest of the child.

Adoptions, Guardianships and Grandparent’s Rights

In adoption cases, attorney Zachary Light ensures all the correct paperwork is filed, such as parental release from the biological parents. He also has experience in private adoptions. If you need to set up a guardian for your child, attorney Zachary Light will ensure that all proper petitions and required paperwork are filed with the court. In addition, he reviews all of the responsibilities with the named guardian. Families can splinter for a variety of reasons, such as drug abuse, divorce and incarceration. Attorney Zachary Light advises grandparents and other family members of their basic rights to seek visitation or even custody of grandchildren. Courts grant visitation or custody to grandparents only when certain conditions provided in the state statutes are met. Attorney Zachary Light advises his clients of the current state laws to be granted for child custody or visitation.

Family-related matters are often emotionally charged; it’s just the nature of intimate relationships. Having an experienced family law attorney on your side helps reduce the stress and lets you know all of your rights and legal options. If you’re facing a family-related matter, let Attorney Zachary Light represent your best interests. He’s helped many others and can help you, too.