Personal Injury and Civil Litigation

Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation Law and Social Security Law

Civil litigation begins with the filing of a lawsuit and is a non-criminal suit for money damages or some other non-criminal sanction. It includes a variety of areas, such as personal injury law and Social Security law. The process typically entails an initial pleadings state, answers, discovery, pretrial motions, trial and appeals. Although, one cannot sue an employer for a work-related injury, attorney Zachary Light represents injured workers to ensure that they are fairly compensated for lost wages and injuries. Attorney Zachary Light is a seasoned civil litigator and has successfully handled cases regarding government claims, car accidents, bicycle accidents and work-related accidents.

Civil Suits Against Government Agencies and Neighbors

If you’ve been the victim of a civil rights violation by a federal or state agency, you must file a claim with that agency before filing a lawsuit in court. There are strict time limits for filing a claim. As an experienced civil rights attorney, Zachary Light will explain the statute of limitations and take all steps needed to protect your rights. Civil suits against neighbors invoke the law of nuisance. Nuisance suits can be either private or public actions. With regard to property disputes and neighbors, attorney Zachary Light can help you negotiate a workable solution or ensure that your rights are protected with the filing of a lawsuit.

Social Security Disability Law

When it comes to a denial of social security disability benefits or a Notice of Cessation regarding current benefits, there are multiple levels of appeal. You can appeal a denial of benefits and request a hearing with a Social Security officer. The appeal’s level rises higher to a hearing with an administrative judge and even in federal court. At every appeal’s level, attorney Zachary Light helps prepare his clients’ appeals with the proper medical documentation and witnesses. He knows the criteria of Social Security law in regards to thresholds. Attorney Zachary Light has helped many clients secure their deserved Social Security benefits and can help you, too.

If you’re considering bringing a civil lawsuit against another individual, business entity or government agency, turn to Zachary W. Light, P.C. for the best results. And if you’ve been denied eligibility for Social Security disability benefits, let the experience of attorney Zachary Light work for you.